Cloud Computing is changing Information Technology and how we use computers to support our daily business and personal lives. With the cloud, organizations are able to leverage existing business capabilities, technology assets, and secured boundary layers to achieve rapid adoption through a common framework. On Demand Services, a cornerstone of Cloud Computing, provides organizations what they need when they need it; driving down on operational costs. The scalability of the Cloud provides users a seamless performance boost, more power when they need it and less power when they don’t.


  • Cloud Enterprise Architecture
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Cloud Security Assessments
  • Cloud Application Design
  • Continuous Delivery to the Cloud

We are at the forefront of the Federal movement to the cloud and can help design your cloud server farm and quickly obtain Authority to Operate (ATO).


  • Amazon Web Services Consulting Partners
  • We have designed and obtained ATO for DHS and DoD enterprise applications in GovCloud
  • Staff of experienced cloud developers, architects, and engineers
  • We design highly available applications that save you money
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We know that standing up an intranet and application framework, often some variant of SharePoint, and putting the success of your information sharing strategy in the hands of users is a high risk proposition. The predictable outcome is one that leaves organizations with an abundance of unorganized information across your technology systems. Recovering has been a top priority for CIOs who recognize that frustrated business users are wasting time and dollars combing through duplicate information to find an authoritative reference.

We Can Help You

  • Establish user trust - Raising adoption doesn’t occur overnight. We help you develop the communication strategy that promotes user adoption and usage.
  • Become Community Centric - Establishing a community-centric approach to information that focuses users on mission, rather than technology sites and workspaces.
  • Tighten Security - Enforce new paradigms in SharePoint security through fine grained permissions using the Claims model. Outsource authentication while enforcing attribute or even policy based access control.
  • Increase Accountability - Provide users with visibility into activity, promoting a level of accountability never realized by users before. Leverage existing techniques to unlock new data


  • Architected major enterprise knowledge portal migrations containing a highly customized environments with deep CRM integration, critical workflows and forms with history, third party features, and custom coding.
  • Provided strategic leadership and architectural design and implementation advice and assistance for a 50,000 user environment.
  • Designed multiple SharePoint site definitions and templates across a wide range of environments covering a large scale of needs.
  • Provided information management assistance for multiple Federal Agencies, commercial agencies, and non-profits.

SharePoint Migrations

Many agencies are on the cusp of encountering two significant migration challenges: Migration to a SharePoint 2013 platform and moving to a hosted 3rd party SaaS environment. Some organizations will even be brave enough to perform a content migration and system upgrade along the way.

Moves that are this complex require vast amounts of planning, coordination, user communication, and a high degree of technical expertise. Our expertise as a company and as individuals spans multiple Federal agencies and Commercial companies; ranges from internal enterprise environments to external-facing cloud based solutions.

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EDC understands the increasing need for identity management and security within an organization both for on-premise and cloud-based solutions. Easy Dynamics helps organizations create a holistic view into their user and partner communities that develops a centralized and managed approach for identities. The result is a common operating view of how an identity is managed within the organization and in some cases crossing organizational boundaries.


We offer a full range of Identity Management capabilities including:

  • Identity Federation
  • Security Assessments
  • Identity, Credentialing and Access Management (ICAM)
  • User Lifecycle Reviews
  • NIST Compliance

What can ICAM do for me?

  • Automated User Provisioning, Management and Decommissioning
  • Account Synchronization
  • Auditing and Reporting
  • Centralized Credentialing
  • Password Management
  • Meet Compliance Obligations
  • Reduce Security Risk

Trust your identity with us

Our solutions cross Identity, Credentialing and Access Management utilizing a collective set of technologies for compliance, security, user provisioning, entitlements, and cross domain federation.

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