Cloud computing has changed Information Technology and how we deliver enterprise IT forever. Across all industries, momentum is growing to migrate workloads to cloud computing. Like for like models typically demonstrate cost savings, but speed of deployment and richness of platform offerings are what compel IT decision makers to consider cloud computing. It’s no secret that organizations see the opportunity to increase capabilities and competitive advantage at a fraction of their on-premise or data center environments.

Easy Dynamics delivers a cloud-native architecture on both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure that has endured some of the most rigorous assessments and proven at enterprise scale. We enable organizations to increase speed of IT delivery through an automated deployment pipeline capable of managing a high-volume of development and operational change. We also use the same pipeline to automate the implementation of security controls that deliver high confidence for enforcing approved configuration across your workloads. We overlay an operational monitoring framework that adds rigorous monitoring capable of integrating with an existing enterprise Security Operations Center (SOC). If you are looking to move to a cloud or simply exploring what’s possible, our team can help develop and implement your strategy for cloud computing.


  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Workload Migrations
  • Security Assessments
  • Network Connectivity
  • Continuous Rightsizing
  • Automated Operations

We are at the forefront of the federal movement to the cloud with successful accreditation in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS on public cloud service providers.


  • AWS & Azure Experience
  • FISMA Moderate and High successful deployments
  • Experienced & certified cloud developers, architects, and engineers
  • Highly available architectures that save money
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Organizations today are identifying more ways to share information, both internally and externally with partners. Newer patterns and protocols for integration have led to increased integration points, raising the risk of an unintended disclosure. Information management can quickly become a challenge when introducing new applications within the context of sharing content. Because Information sharing requires one party willing to share their data, trust becomes paramount.

We mitigate the risks with a robust governance model based on an identity centric approach. We help organizations design and implement management and technical strategies for information sharing that account for privacy while growing user trust iteratively. Let our team help increase user adoption, improve information discovery and dissemination and mature your organization’s information sharing strategy.

We Can Help You

  • Establish user trust - Raising adoption doesn’t occur overnight. We help you develop insight into usage patterns with the supporting communication strategy that promotes user adoption and usage
  • Become Community Centric - Establishing a community-centric approach to information that focuses users on mission, rather than technology sites and workspaces
  • Tighten Security - Delegate security and enable users to securely share and grant access based on organizational policy with the tools to track and eliminate unauthorized disclosure
  • Increase Accountability - Provide tools that enable visibility into activity, promoting a level of accountability never realized by users before


  • Architected major enterprise knowledge portal migrations containing highly customized environments with deep CRM integration, critical workflows and forms with history, third party features, and custom coding
  • Provided strategic leadership, architectural design and implementation advice for a 50,000-user environment
  • Designed multiple SharePoint site definitions and templates across a wide range of environments covering a large scale of needs
  • Provided information management assistance for multiple federal agencies, commercial agencies, and non-profits

SharePoint Migrations

Many agencies are on the cusp of encountering two significant migration challenges: migration to a SharePoint 2013 platform and moving to a hosted 3rd party SaaS environment. Some organizations will even be brave enough to perform a content migration and system upgrade along the way.

Moves that are this complex require vast amounts of planning, coordination, user communication, and a high degree of technical expertise. Our expertise as a company and as individuals spans multiple federal agencies and commercial companies; ranges from internal enterprise environments to external-facing cloud-based solutions

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Easy Dynamics understands the increasing need for identity management and security within an organization both for on-premise and cloud-based solutions. We help organizations create a holistic view of their user and partner communities and then develop a centralized approach to manage their identities. The result is a common operating view of how identities are projected internally and in some cases externally to their partners.


We offer a full range of identity management capabilities including:

  • Identity and attribute federation, to include modern technologies such as OpenID Connect
  • Delegated authorization to data using OAUTH
  • Identity, Credentialing and Access Management (ICAM)
  • Provisioning and Delegated and Invitiation Based Administration
  • Access Recertification
  • CDM Phase II and Phase III
  • Deep knowledge of NIST guidelines and international identity schemes such as EIDAS
  • Biometrics

What can ICAM do for me?

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Cost Savings
  • Enhanced UX
  • Increased Security and Privacy Posture
  • Meet Compliance Obligations
  • Reduce Security Risk

Trust your identity with us

Our solutions cross identity, credentialing and access management utilizing a collective set of technologies for compliance, security, user provisioning, entitlements, and cross domain federation.

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If you are interested in Agile, or curious about process improvement Easy Dynamics has experience in the federal space implementing enterprise Agile. For organizations in need of change we offer a tactful implementation of Agile for a comfortable transition, respectful of the fact that work still needs to get done. Whether it’s Scrum or Kanban, portfolio planning, requirements management or release management, we work with you to find the right components based on the reality in your organization.

There is no prescription for Agile but bringing Agile to your organization can help. The best Agile transformations come from creating a culture around the adjustments. Easy Dynamics ensures that everyone from the CEO to the front end phone support is involved in this process. Transparency and empathy are the only ways to get achieve a balance and ensure speedy releases with high code confidence.

Agile Management

Easy Dynamics has been at the helm of many Agile projects in the government and non-government sectors. We have experience utilizing small teams, large teams, and multiple teams. We employ custom workflows to connect requirements from conception through development all the way to validation testing. This allows for synergy between development teams and the core business.

Requirements/Release Management

A good indicator of how well you handle development is how quickly you iterate and release. Often, version mismatch or scope creep combined with other organizational factors hinder your ability to put your code where you need it most. We use tried and tested processes for release management, that improves the precision of how software is versioned and release. Decisions about the strategic trajectory from the senior leadership can have requirements gathered and groomed for development. Speed to release starts with figuring out what goals to focus on. Tech used: SharePoint, Visual Studio, Jira, Confluence, Trello.

Service Delivery/Automation

Even the best of applications needs to be refreshed occasionally and almost every environment needs maintenance at some point in its lifetime. Easy Dynamics has already built out many CI/CD pipelines. Our team can leverage a variety of build automation, test automation, configuration management and COTS integration tools to maintain and update complex systems.

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